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Welcome to Knut Hamsun Online! The purpose of this website is to provide information about Knut Hamsun to help you discover his wonderful books. Knut Hamsun Online wants to represent an important, serious and objective source for information about Knut Hamsun. Since the creation in 1997, this site has received visitors.

The door is open
All information about Knut Hamsun is of interest.

However, I strive for a clear path. I have succesfully avoided academic retorics and political discussions, polemic talk about nazis and street names in Oslo. The web is loaded with such. Curiously, few focus on his art.

I love his books - for reading! That is the objective essence of Hamsun's art.

People are analyzing to the point that they never reach the essence of what they are actually reading; they are stuck on the doorstep fumbling with thousands of keys, little realizing that the door is already open.

(Herman Hesse when he was asked to analyze Kafka)

The door is already open. But however, if you prefer to read about Hamsun, rather than reading Hamsun, here is a list of more than 1000 titles written the last 100 years (in danish).

Hvis billedet er mislykket, skyldes det motivet.Who are we?
Knut Hamsun Online is made by Mikkel Michelsen with helpful volunteers and Hamsun readers. I have a Master of Arts in Information Science and a Business Degree from the University of Aarhus in Danmark, and I work with litterature, mecanics and user interface design for specialized systems. I travel a lot, and I always have a copy of "Pan" along with me.

Note: The great Hamsun books you should have in at least 3 versions: one for lending to friends, one for reading, one for travel-reading. Then come collectors items and translations :-)

Knut Hamsun Coffee Mug
I have designed a coffee mug with the profile of Hamsun. If you buy it, I will not profit a single Krone from it. Click the mug.

A donation:
This website is made entirely 100% by me, the initiative is 100% non-profit and 0% financed by other stakeholders - since 1997. The idea, the graphical design, the programming, the content, the maintenance and webhosting, all of this I have done to spread the name of Hamsun. If you are interested in supporting this effort, click here (secure SSL payment) or contact me:

I am currently looking for people who can help me expand the french and english content of this site, especially providing quotes from various titles.

Thanks for your interest.

Yours truly
Mikkel Michelsen
Knut Hamsun Online


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Hunger by Knut Hamsun Pan by Knut Hamsun Mysteries by Knut Hamsun Victoria by Knut Hamsun
Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun Collection novels by Knut Hamsun Wayfarers by Knut Hamsun Dreamers by Knut Hamsun